Figma UI Components Brought to Perfection

Expertly crafted Figma
UI components

Provide the best experience for creating robust systems in Figma. Enhance your workflow and maximize productivity with implemented components best practices.

Navigate the system's structure

Scalable Project Foundation

Ensure your project design is scalable with bullet-proof foundation assets.


Design variables

Easily control components' appearance and create multi-brand themes using a simple variable structure.

  • Headless UI Library

  • Auto Layout Ready

  • Component Properties

  • Easy to Customize

  • Dark & Light Mode Support

  • Web 3.0 Standards

  • Versatile Color System

  • All Layers Named

  • WCAG 2.1 Compliant

  • Interactive Components

  • Design Variables

  • Responsive Templates

  • Lifetime Updates

  • Component Variants

  • File Documentation

  • Scalable Typography

Unmatched Functionality

Frames X components are built on top of Figma's native features, following the latest industry standards and methods of visual systems.

Framework independent

Frames X is made to adapt to any modern UI framework or used independently as a foundation to build your system.


Design Tokens

Design tokens are the fundamental values for colors, text, and layout utilized to construct larger building blocks for your project.

These tiny building blocks offer construction standards for your system. By utilizing Frames X tokens, you can establish a cohesive visual language and while maintaining a consistent and recognizable brand style.



Components are reusable visual UI elements allowing users to interact with your app and perform actions; such constructions are made of multiple tokens.

With Frames X components, you can easily create consistent web apps, dashboards, or mobile applications without doing everything from scratch. All design details are made modular and reusable to save time and effort.



What sets Frames X apart from other UI kits?

Powerful & thoughtful components with careful consideration for responsiveness and styling. The price for the product is remarkably lower the value it provides.

Frames X testimonials

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*We offer a 50% discount for students and educators

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We offer a 50% discount for Students and Educators Contact us for more details

Frames X is constantly evolving!

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